QuickPigeon is a carrier pigeon application which utilises Push Notification Service, one of new features of iPhone OS 3.0.

Just write and send Yes/No question to your friends, and your question will be sent as HTML mail.

Receivers answer Yes or No directly to the mail.

When you ask more than one friend, their replies will be listed.

The pigeon will return to you with your friends' answers. The sound of notification alarm will change depending on the answer, Yes or No. After some exchanges, you will be able to know answers by only hearing the sound.

"How about having lunch with me? "Are you busy next week?" To ask and reply to such casual and short questions, this application is more suitable than e-mail. It will take longer for you to get replies from your friends by email.

The Pigeon can send your messages to any version of iPhone. He can send to Mac, too. Also, receivers can reply with any of them.

This is a free application. How about write and send questions to your friends by the Pigeon?